The Climate Imaginary Reader examines the possibilities of imagination in a broader context of the climate crisis. The goal of the Climate Imaginary Reader is to provide more local answers to global challenges. Tackling the root causes of the climate crisis would require systemic change on an international scale, but the global phenomenon is built on local acts and experiences, the assessment of which can help us understand the ecosystem’s ultimatum––including the current Covid-19 pandemic that just entered its second wave––and activate the radical social imaginary necessary to devise answers to the challenge.

The invited authors––young scholars and artists––come from different scholarly backgrounds. The points of view showcased in this issue combine the analytic tools of the fields of philosophy, political philosophy, eco-criticism, eco-feminism, critical media theory, environmental studies, political economics. They ascribe to the principles of interdisciplinarity and interconnectedness as practices which underpin a radical imagination. It cannot be foreseen what kinds of new normalities will be born and how the status quo adapts to the new circumstances after the COVID-19 pandemic, nevertheless the analyses of the Climate Imaginary Reader are dedicated to more sustainable visions of the future serving the creation of more equal societal and environmental relations.

Introduction to Issue #9

Back in 2017, increasingly worryingly, a most pressing theme was completely missing from the literary and art discourse in Budapest. There was very limited reflection upon the challenges of climate change or the much debated notion of the Anthropocene, and even if there were artists […]

The World as Contingent Space

xtro realm / Climate Imaginary Reader Modern thought does not bear the unpredictability of nature. Throughout the history of philosophy, many thinkers have warned that we should handle the factuality of our knowledge with reservations, but contemporary thought is determined by the common beliefs rooted […]

The Politics of Susceptibility

xtro realm / Climate Imaginary Reader When we speak about climate change and its more and more obvious presence in our lives, we also criticize our relationship to the Earth in two respects. Firstly, humans have exploited nature. Secondly, humans thought this kind of exploitation […]

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