“Issue” is a thematic column, appearing four times a year, which is compiled each time by a guest editor. Our guest editors are invited to collaborate with authors from different countries, regions, and backgrounds to discuss issues that are relevant and urgent within the cultural field of Eastern Europe.

Between Memory Culture and Cancel Culture: (Self-)Censorship and Political Intervention in Germany’s Cultural Landscape

The cultural scene in Germany has been on fire for six months. The still-smoldering aftermath of documenta 15 has been reignited in the face of the current turmoil in Israel and Palestine, leading to cancellations, boycotts, defunding and high-profile resignations across the country’s cultural institutions. The blurring lines between art institutions and state politics has called into question the future of Germany’s position as a central node in the art world and a supporter of culture across the globe.


Documenta, despite an array of contentious issues, is an impressive convergence of perspectives. The 15th iteration of this global art showcase provided numerous possibilities and brought together a deliberate arrangement of strong viewpoints, and an amalgamation of myriad voices. This was not an event focused […]

It takes many to lumbung

I arrived in Kassel for the opening days of documenta fifteen after a short trip from Bucharest, the city I am now based in. A familiar smell of Indonesian clove cigarettes wafted over Friedrichsplatz, while Nasida Ria, a qasidah modern musical group of women from […]

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