“Issue” is a thematic column, appearing four times a year, which is compiled each time by a guest editor. Our guest editors are invited to collaborate with authors from different countries, regions, and backgrounds to discuss issues that are relevant and urgent within the cultural field of Eastern Europe.

Postartistic Practices in the Age of Total Spectacularization – Interview with Gregory Sholette and Kuba Szreder

Dr. Gregory Sholette is a New York-based artist, writer, teacher, and activist whose forthcoming book, The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art (Lund Humphries) joins Dark Matter, Delirium and Resistance, and Art as Social Activism to focus on issues of collective cultural labor, activist art, and counter-historical representation. He is […]

African Literature as Political Activism

African literature has gained ground in the 1950s[1] which has served as a revolutionary means to decolonize European writing about Africa and Africans.  Western literary works about Africa were often stereotyped projections that portrayed the African continent as a place of darkness, where humans lived […]

Introduction to Issue #9

Back in 2017, increasingly worryingly, a most pressing theme was completely missing from the literary and art discourse in Budapest. There was very limited reflection upon the challenges of climate change or the much debated notion of the Anthropocene, and even if there were artists […]

The World as Contingent Space

xtro realm / Climate Imaginary Reader Modern thought does not bear the unpredictability of nature. Throughout the history of philosophy, many thinkers have warned that we should handle the factuality of our knowledge with reservations, but contemporary thought is determined by the common beliefs rooted […]

The Politics of Susceptibility

xtro realm / Climate Imaginary Reader When we speak about climate change and its more and more obvious presence in our lives, we also criticize our relationship to the Earth in two respects. Firstly, humans have exploited nature. Secondly, humans thought this kind of exploitation […]

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