Documenta, despite an array of contentious issues, is an impressive convergence of perspectives. The 15th iteration of this global art showcase provided numerous possibilities and brought together a deliberate arrangement of strong viewpoints, and an amalgamation of myriad voices. This was not an event focused […]

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It takes many to lumbung

I arrived in Kassel for the opening days of documenta fifteen after a short trip from Bucharest, the city I am now based in. A familiar smell of Indonesian clove cigarettes wafted over Friedrichsplatz, while Nasida Ria, a qasidah modern musical group of women from […]

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The Willkommenskultur in Practice

When visiting documenta fifteen in early August 2022, with an awareness of the vehement criticism directed at the event, it was the project of a lumbung member, the *foundationClass*collective that seemed to echo most clearly the structural contradictions, which also surrounded the mega-exhibition. Summarizing the […]

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Issue #12: What did you learn at documenta 15?

documenta, the largest and most influential event of the art world beside the Venice Biennale, has always been surrounded by local and international scandal. d15 seems to have fulfilled an extreme agenda. In this thematic issue, we ask each contributor about their personal experiences at d15. Our questions were: What could be learnt at d15? Did it manage to change the perspective of Western visitors? What was the experience of non-Western artists and cultural practitioners? What did they teach and what could they learn as part of one of the most influential legitimizing and canonizing machine of the art world? To what extent did ruangrupa’s lumbung concept manage to change the power structures of the art world?

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Postartistic Practices in the Age of Total Spectacularization – Interview with Gregory Sholette and Kuba Szreder

Dr. Gregory Sholette is a New York-based artist, writer, teacher, and activist whose forthcoming book, The Art of Activism and the Activism of Art (Lund Humphries) joins Dark Matter, Delirium and Resistance, and Art as Social Activism to focus on issues of collective cultural labor, activist art, and counter-historical representation. He is […]

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